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Heartfelt symbols of love, passion and values.

My hearts are created as an expression of personal passions and values, yours and those of someone special in your life.
Designed, cast in sterling silver and hand-finished in the U.S.A.

About the artist:
David McNutt is an emeritus professor, graphic designer, painter, children's book author, jewelry designer and babysitting grandfather.
In 2003 his passion for art led him to create the Art Lover’s Heart® sterling silver pendant that sells nationally in museum stores. This success led to his design of hearts containing words that reflect the passions of David’s family, friends and people around the world. The Family Lover’s Heart, Hope, Friends, Nature, Music, Peace, Dance and many other Lover’s Hearts. The perfect and unique gift or your lifetime personal treasure.

Custom name-in-heart Lover's Heart® designs are available on request. Most names can be made, a some already exist.
Submit your request by contacting David, click here.

Custom name designs for necklaces are $95.
Design, platemaking, casting, fininshing and delivery is 4-6 weeks.
Existing Lover's Heart name necklace designs are $62.
Delivery is about two to three weeks.

Pricing examples:
Necklace with one custom heart, $95
Bracelet with one custom heart, $92
Bracelet with two custom hearts, $152
Bracelet with three custom hearts, $210
Bracelet with four custom hearts, $250
(If design and mold are already in existance, price is $12 less.)

Necklaces, bracelets and pendants are Sterling silver.

Each order includes a jewelry box.
Shipping in the U.S.A. is $6 to $12.
Heart designs are about 3/4" wide.
Necklace chain is 18" unless longer is requested, and the bracelet is about 7" long with a claw clasp.

A list of existing names ready to cast, $62
Adam, Agusta, Alexander, Alyssa, Amilia, Andrew, Anthony, Antonello, Barack, Ben, Betty, Bill, Bob, Brandi, Brock, Brook, Bryce, Camden, Cameron, Carrie, Cathy, Chance, Chase, Conner, Connor, Cruz, Daniel, Daniella, Danny, Dylan, Ed, Elizabeth, Ellen, ellen, Emelia, Enzo, Erica, Ethan, Finn, Finnegan, Floyd, Frank, Franklin, Gabriella, Grace, Hae, Haley, Hank, Harley, Helen, Helena, Jake, Jalen, Janice, Jason, Jerry, Jess, Jim, Joe, John, Jordan, Jose, Joy, Kathy, Kaylyn, Kiara, Kris, Kyle, Lacey, Lauren, Lee, Les, Linda, Logan, Luca, Lynn, Madden, Maddox, Makenna, Malia, Marley, Mary, Mary Kay, Mat, Matt, Matthew, Melinda, Melissa, Michelle, Mira, Monet, Muzzy, Nicolas, Noah, Olivia, Oprah, Paige, Parker, Paulina, Pinky, Portia, Renoir, Rhonda, Rob, Roman, Ron, Ryley, Sally, Sam, Sasha, Shannon, Shaymus, Sierra, Simpson, Sol, Soliada, Sugar, Sydney, Tex, Tiffany, Tim, Tom, Yuri

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